Tuesday, October 26, 2004

yay dubya!! ok im getting kinda crazy with the pics but hey what can i say,, its fun! Posted by Hello

puss in boooooots! i like him Posted by Hello

im smart Posted by Hello

bad pic, but hey, its good of amykins right? thats all that matters!!!  Posted by Hello

im chinese but people still like me Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004

theres my dumbass friend with the finger. Posted by Hello

Mr. T is hott Posted by Hello

i am fun, yes i am

my name is april
april funnnnnn
i am fun with everyone
yes im funnnnn

i like to run
in the sun
because its fun
yes its funnnn
and im funnn

i like to sing
because its fun
im number one
and im fun
april funnnnnnnnnn

i am fun, yes i am

my is april
april funnnnn
yes im fun and number one
i am funnnnnnn

i like to run
in the sun
because its fun, yes its fun
and im funnnnnnn